About Me

My name is Charles Rei, and I have been teaching Business English as a freelance and in-company trainer since leaving the US military and completing the CELTA in 2009.  I currently live near Nuremberg, Germany and work as an embedded trainer on in-company courses, coaching, and blended learning.  I have also completed the Cert IBET certification.

My approach to training is to minimize traditional resources and instead focus on the learner to drive course content while guiding progress toward challenging training objectives.  I aim for highly energetic and engaging lessons with maximum student participation.  I believe that a dynamic classroom maximizes learning and production.

This blog is surprising popular (to me) but I continue to dedicate my writing to myself (as a journal), to learning teachers, and competitors.  I believe that some ideas are worth sharing and I hope you will give your feedback.

For more information about my training or questions, please contact me at charles.rei@reicommunicationtraining.com

Thank you.

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