Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Ideas for Using Phones in the Classroom

Great post from Nicky Hockly on mobile phones in class.

I'm keeping my eyes open for using the camera in a BE context.  Company policy could be an issue, it would be best to check first what students should and shouldn't take pictures of.

Idea 1:  "My Workplace"

Students take pictures of their office, desk, kitchen, canteen, even colleagues.  They then share the photos in small groups.  It would be great practice for "giving a tour".  Target language... "This is my colleague Jim, he's responsible for..."  "Here is the conference room, we'll have our meeting in here." etc.

Idea 2:  "My Commute"

Similar to the "My Workplace" lesson it would start good conversations about the trip to work (often a small talk topic).  Additional English awareness exercize could be to take pictures of all the times they see/hear English on the way to work.  It could be on the radio (picture of the radio would be funny and be great use for reported speech).  It could be advertisements.

Idea 3:  "The Conference Room"

Students take a picture of the conference room in which they have meeting in English.  The explain where everyone sits, why they are in the meeting, and what they contribute.  The describe in detail their last meeting in this conference room and we are slowly building roles (and moving chairs).  As a group we then either reenact the meeting or simulate the next meeting.

Hmm... tomorrow I will look for more.

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